The “Shake”

If you ever watch the movie Goodfellas, theres a scene where Ray Liotta folds hundred dollar bills and “shakes” them into the palms of each of the people he meets and tables and service magically appear where there were none. Same concept.

For table service if your host has done little to make himself stand out tip him 50 bucks and call it a day. HOWEVER. If your at a fantastic table for much less than what it actually should cost (check the clubs website for comparion sakes) show your gratitude. This is added “value” provided by your host. Likewise If your host throws in a few bottles at no extra charge the expectation is you’ll tip accordingly.

In vegas EVERYTHING is negotiable. If your looking to score the best tables or free bottles let it be known what your expectation is and be prepared to ‘shake’ accordingly.Everyone in the club shares tips, including management, so keep that in mind. As you can imagine, if they have prime tables available, and you tip more than most other people, you’re going to get that prime table over someone else. This way, they maximize their tip pool for that night. So, you come in with a big shake, they comp a couple bottles, with the expectation you’ll tip for the comps as well. So they maximize the tip pool that way and you get extra value.

None of us want to go to Vegas to do Algebra but lets take a look:

Insert table comparing typical min, bottle count vs employing the shake.

Tipping the server, busser, and security

Maybe your idea of the best job in the world is serving, protecting and cleaning up after people as an epic rager happens all around you. If so head to Vegas immediately and live your dreams…

For those of us who don’t work these jobs be sure its about as terrifyng as it sounds. So don’t be an idiot tip. It’s not only appreciated but expected so accept this fact and get it out of the way. You’ve gone out of your way to spend what is on average 1000’s of dollars to have a great Vegas experience… don’t crap the bed by skimping on the tips. Would you buy a lamborghini and drive around without insurance (if so congratulations your either Bruce Wayne rich or Forest Gump level dumb/lucky)? Think of tipping the same way, its insurance that all of the above will go the extra mile for your night.

Busser: The forgotten man. Tip him a 20 at the beginning of the night and you’ll be able to eat off the floor around your table (if your into that). You know whats not cool at all? Having spent all of that money and 30 minutes into your night your table area looks like the morning after of a frat party. N.O.T a good look. These people work their butts off to keep your table tidy, and everything stocked so your party doesn’t miss a beat

Security: Like spending your night protecting your expensive peice of tiny Vegas real estate and bottles that add up to a really terrible small sedan? Or fighting MMA style to go to pee (you’ve been drinking this will happen several times a night)? No? So Tip your security guard and feel like your famous for a night as they keep people at bay and even clear a path to the bathroom for you.

Server: You might think well what do your servers REALLY do other than pour drinks… to some degree your right! However in most cases clubs add gratuity to your bill as a matter of policy. Think about it if you take care of the tip as soon as the night begins AND tip well your chances of having a great night has increased dramatically. Theres worse things than having to pour your own drinks but you paid good money for the VIP experience why the hell are you gonna stop the train 5 miles away from the station (its a methaphor)

Keep the money for tips however you like (the power of having a stack of bills in a rubber band ready to go IS seductive we admit), but for the more practical among us keep the money seperated and ready to go at the beginning of the night. Hand it over and focus on what your there for: to have a night youll never forget (until you wake up in the morning wondering where the hell you are and what happened).

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