The Do’s and Don’ts of Vegas


  • TIP: Tip often, tip as well as your budget allows. The days of Vegas being a paradise of ‘free’ buffets and show tickets have long passed. Vegas is built on getting your money. Realize it, accept it and move on. What you can do to balance the scales is tip. Its appreciated and somewhat expected and you’ll find at most spots you’ll end up seeing a bump in attention and willingness to go the extra mile for special requests as well as heavier pours and free rounds


    • The Sandwich: Want to see about an upgrade or maybe getting those resort fees taken off? Gonna sound like a broken record but… money talks. Typically a 20 offered discreetly works wonders when checking in at the front desk. Do it however you choose but standard procedure is to tuck the 20 in between your ID and credit card (get the name?)


    • Check Your Route From The Airport: Uber has made this less of a concern. But if its your first trip out spend the 5 minutes or so it takes to look up the shortest route to and from your hotel. Taxi drivers in Vegas now more than ever will extend your trip (and therefore the COST) as much as possible so spend the few minutes to look it up on your phone. If you don’t have a smart phone (it’s gonna be a rough trip for you), but print it out on Google Maps or something…


    • Stock up: Like booze? Guess what its incredibly expensive to drink large amounts of alcohol in Vegas. Bring bottles in your checked bags  or get what you need at a liquor store… either way your making out if your trip is long term, also who knows who you might meet to take back to your room and being ‘DRY’ is never a good look when hosting.


    • Talk:  Whether in a group or solo, you gotta be in it to win it. Vegas might be one of the only cities in America where everyone is in town with pretty much the same intention: to have fun. Your Vegas experience is what you make it and if your holed up on a stool or in the corner of a club your doing it wrong.


    • Figure Out YOUR Vegas: Despite its reputation Vegas isn’t just a non stop party (though it’s ideal for that), if your into dining, gambling, architecture, or hell even art Vegas can be a paradise. Figure out what works for you and what you want your trip to be about.


    • Buy Presale/ Show Up On time: Guess what? Vegas has some REALLY popular clubs. Showing up at 12am without tickets may be how you do it at home, but in the busier spots you’ll get your feelings hurt thinking your walking right in without a wait. Not everyone wants or needs bottle service but buying presale tickets will cut your wait considerably.


    • Something Different: Like guns? Want to zip line across Fremont? Want to spend an absurd amount on dinner? Want to party while on a giant spinning wheel or see a bunch of flexible performers do weird things to music? It’s all on the table in Vegas, a city literally designed to over stimulate the senses


    • Talk to locals: If you want to get experiences that are truly unique to Vegas spend sometime talking to folks who live there. Your best resource for whatever your looking to get into is usually a talkative/friendly bartender it’s the easiest way to make inside connections to lots of places and discovering what the answer to ‘what the hell do people who LIVE in Vegas do with their free time?’.


  • Avoid Cab Lines: Sometimes it can’t be helped, we get it. But IF you don’t have Uber or Lyft download them if only for your Vegas trip. The last thing you want ruining a perfect night is stumbling out of a packed club and finding yourself waiting 30 minutes on a line for a cab (trust alot can happen in that 30 minutes)
1. Act as If: It doesn’t matter how much money you have in Vegas, chances are someone WHEREVER you happen to be has more. In a city notorious for its outrageous displays of excess nobody is impressed by how much you spend, if your spending big do it because its what you enjoy and be cool about it.
2. Forget to lock your valuables in a safe: Doesn’t matter if your staying at the most rundown place or the most expensive It can happen to you. The only thing worse than losing a wallet or purse in Vegas is having it disappear out of your room. Be smart and avoid that possibility.
3. Expect a Hook up: Yes. We get it everyone in Vegas is in town for pretty much the same things (usually either fun or a convention) but if the only goal for your evening is to hook up your doing it wrong.
4. Over Do it: Right now your thinking: If you can’t party so hard you forget what day it is in Vegas where can you? Just pace yourself… there is a wall and you WILL hit it if you don’t realize your limits. There’s nothing worse than going all out for 3 days and then spending your last two nights in town comatose as a result (we at Vegas Accomplice may or may not have learned this the hard way through our own experiences).
5. EVER. Take a taxi or Limo Drivers Reccomendation: If your driver seemd to be unusually chatty about a certain spot and suggests you go there, trust us it’s not because he’s concerned about your night. Vegas spots provide bonuses to drivers who deliver folks to their doors. It’s not to say that you won’t have a great time, just do the choosing with all the facts.
6. Listen to time share pitches (seriously): Maybe you have an extra two hours of your time in Vegas to listen to some of the most agressive sales people you’ll ever meet (maybe thats your THING), but sitting through one of these pitches has to be a close second to water boarding. No free show tickets are truly worth your wasting your precious Vegas time.
 7. Blow Your Load (not what your thinking): Budget. Budget. For godsakes BUDGET. If it’s your first time in Vegas maybe your goal is to leave town penniless. Maybe, your goal is to leave town triumphant like Rain Man, chances are you want to be somewhere in between. Everything in Vegas costs, it’s easy to look up two days into a trip and relzie you spent way more than planned.
8. Do Cheap Buffets: Maybe, you just cant pass up all you can eat for 4.99. It’s tempting and a hell of a price. Ask yourself where in the world can you eat as much as you like for less than the cost of two hot dogs? After you answer “nowhere”, do the smart thing and spend the extra five to ten bucks and step up your food game.
9. Ditch Your Friends: Vegas can strengthen a groups bond or end up being the last time you ever speak to a person due to ‘situations’ that occured on a given trip. If you came with a group don’t spend all of your time with them (thats just creepy), but don’t disappear either. The question ‘where the hell did (blank) go’ should DEFINITELY, happen on any trip, but not for entire days. Keep in touch!
10. Over Think it: Have a plan of attack for your trip, but be flexible. Too many things can happen at any given time in Vegas for you to ever be assured that plans won’t change. Have a back up plan or two and otherwise pcik the next available option.

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