Comps – The Holy Grail of Vegas

Lets get this out of the way NONE of this is “free” its all going to cost and in some cases quite a bit. Unless you are incredibly famous or a group of 15 Victoria Secet models (in which case wow thanks for stopping by the site) nothing described here will come as a result of not spending money. Now that we’re on the same page lets get to it!

Room Comps: The grand daddy of Comps. No city in America has turned the words “complimentary” into a four letter word better than Vegas. Room comps are meant to do one thing: Seperate. You, From. Your. Cash. If you are regularly receiving free room offers for Vegas hotels your either an incredbly lucky/skillful gambler or so fantastically great at losing money that your on a list for it. However if your a low to moderate gambler take the time to get a rewards card at your favorite hotels, Vegas properties will are famous for giving out a few free nights during off seasons like hte fall or winter.It kaes zero effort and is worth it,

Food Comps: The “try hard” little brother of comps. Its tied to gambling as well but much easier to secure than a free room especially at the higher end hotels. There is some value in getting a food comp as Vegas buffets have become ludicrously grand and thus some have become as expensive as somE gym memberships. So it can be a good value in some cases. Oh, that guy who is literally eating a lobster and steak dinner while playing black jack four hands at a time? Don’t mind him his meal was “comped” too.

Comp Drinks: Gamble and drink free. Notice a pattern here? Be warned the days of hiding at the “penny” slots and getting sloshed are gone (also penny slots are misleading as hell it is NOT a penny to play), the drinks are free but the service will cost. That is to say if your in the cheap seats and expecting the wiatress to be stopping by every 5 minutes think about this: why the hell would she??? You’ve already type cast yourself as probably not having much cash (which again this is VEGAS). Avoid getting quite vexed at the lack of service by tipping 10 dollars or so the first time you se eyour waitress and really take advantage of the ‘free’ drinks all night.Clubs and pools also offer free drinks in the form of drink tickets. Lets not mice words these are usally for resereved for groups of girls to lure them into clubs or in the case of dudes, friends of people who work at the club. In Vegas the ladies rule when its come to comps, bros, ur just along for the ride.

Comp Bottles: Yeah. You read that right. That 50 dollar bottle of belvedere is now priced at 550 dollars. Its not a typo. They added that zero on purpose cause they could. So getting a comp bottle somewhere is a big deal. They may be more common than you think though. You just have to know how, when, and where to ask for them. There’s a few different situations where the opportunity for a comp bottle presents itself. Industry Nights (Click here for Industry Nights). are the most common. These nights the clubs offer specials to attract locals and industry folks. You too can have these specials if you know when and where to ask for them. One common example is refered to as a B1G1. It’s just what you think, buy one get one. You buy a bottle and they give you a bottle for free. What if you want more than one bottle? Often these deals can be stacked, which means you can buy more bottles and get more comped bottles. So you may be able to buy 4 bottles and get 2 comped. You get the idea. The key is to ask your host.
In some cases your host that booked your table may throw in a comp bottle as well. This depends on a lot of factors but a surefire way to increase your chances 10 fold is to tip your host well. What do we mean by well? If you’re looking to get a free $600 bottle you should be prepared to tip 10-20% of that value to your host. After taxes and gratuities that free bottle saved you almost $800. Tossing your host $100 is the least you can do.

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